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Campaign Consulting

We know what wins and loses campaigns, and we know how to manage your campaign to deliver results. CapDev focuses on bringing clients tools to develop leadership and win donors' hearts.

Campaign Planning

Organizations that invest in a comprehensive planning effort are better positioned for campaign success. When it's time for campaign implementation, CapDev delivers results in the core areas of: development of a strong case; leader and donor cultivation and enlistment; and infrastructural recommendations that build capacity.

Campaign Readiness Assessment

We begin every campaign effort with a thorough campaign readiness assessment that identifies strengths to leverage for campaign success and also addresses sources of concern by making recommendations to better equip and prepare the organization for a successful campaign.

Campaign Implementation

CapDev's experienced eye for identifying infrastructural adjustments and investments needed to build internal capacity in preparation for major campaigns boosts the organization's staffing, software, materials and overall resource development.

Feasibility Study

Need assurance that the philanthropic leader/donor marketplace is prepared to contribute resources for your campaign? Our feasibility study process interviews top supporters to build confidence, and presents findings in a clear, effective, substantial, and comprehensive written and verbally presented report format.

Case for Support Development

CapDev's professional writers guide organizations in the all-important process of building a case for support that is mission-based, timely, compelling, easily understood, needs-based, benefit- and results-oriented, ongoing and sustainable, and appealing both intellectually and emotionally.

Leader/Donor Cultivation & Enlistment

The commitment and abilities of an organization's leadership will ultimately determine the campaign's success. That is why we value leadership so highly and pride ourselves on knowing the leaders of each community who will bring their skills and dedication to advance clients' initiatives and attract donors.

"CapDev ignited our campaign! We hired CapDev to join our campaign team to infuse confidence in our campaign leadership, develop a clear plan for success, and to inspire our volunteers. They have delivered on each of these and more."

Doreen Kelly, Head of School, Ravenscroft